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As long as your instructor has allowed access to the SafeAssign originality report, you may.

After a paper has been processed, this report is generated detailing the percentage of text in the submitted paper that matches existing sources. The report also shows the suspected sources of each section of the paper that returns a match. Go to where you submitted the assignment, click on View/Complete, and you'll see a page like this:


Now click on SA Report to see the how parts of your writing matched someone else's work.

Note: The originality report does not state whether a phrase that matches a source is properly referenced. Your instructor will read the report and determine if proper citations were used.

Look at the sample report below, and watch the video to learn how to interpret it. 

Note: The video is showing the situation where your professor allows you to submit your paper twice. First you submit your paper as a "draft" to see how much of a match there is, and determine if you need to rewrite sections or add citations. Then you resubmit the final version, which goes to your instructor for grading. Your instructor may only have you submit the final version which you won't be able to rewrite.


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