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You can access E-Texts on your mobile device with a free app called "Courseload Mobile Reader" or "Unizin Read", which works with Android phones & tablets.  

Note: If you want to use an iPad or iPhone, see this FAQ about the new iOS

With the app you can download the e-texts to read later, even when you don't have internet access or WiFi, by following the steps listed below. 

1) Download the “Courseload Mobile Reader” app (or "Unizin Read" app - the name is changing) from Google Play.

2) When you open the Courseload Mobile Reader, you will be asked to link your device using an Authorization Code.

3) Use a computer (desktop or laptop) when you have internet access to get the code. From Canvas, go to your list of E-Texts (the landing page before you open a specific title). On that page, look in the upper right for your initials and click on them (you can also click on the a lightning bolt icon). Choose the "Applications" button from the menu, then scroll down to the bottom of that page:


4) Click the “Get Authorization Code” button to receive the code, then enter it in the app on your mobile device.

5) Once code is successfully entered, click "Sign In". To download your E-Texts, click the “Get Materials" button on the bottom menu.

6) Choose which course you want to download the E-Text for, then choose which E-Text title you want to download.

7) Item will download and confirmation appears. Once it completes downloading, you can click "Read Now", or "Find More".

8) If you want to download other E-Texts, repeat Steps 6-7 until all are downloaded.

9) Access a specific E-Text by clicking its cover from the app's Library screen. If you are already reading one, you can click "Materials" at any time to get to your list of downloaded E-Texts

NOTE: There are some limitations while using the Mobile Reader, because it's designed only for reading course materials. You will not be able to create highlights, notes and questions. Shared notes, such as those from your instructor, will also not appear in the e-textbook.


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