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‚ÄčWhen you have no access to WiFi or a broadband Internet connection: 

You can read an eText on your laptop or computer, without being online or in a place with WiFi. There are no plugins or applications to worry about. If you are looking for an app for your mobile device, click on the first link below.

First, In order to do that, you need to be online long enough to perform the download of the materials you want to read while you are away from internet. You must use either Google Chrome or Firefox web browser to download & read your eText. Unizen Engage Offline currently only works with these browsers. 

  1. Using Chrome or Firefox, open the main eTexts page in Canvas.
  2. On the cover of the book you wish to download, look for a blue circle with three dots in it (see photo 1).
  3. Click on it, and toggle 'Keep on device' for that course material (see photo 2).
  4. A green checkmark on the course material photo indicates it is ready for offline use.
  5. Bookmark the Engage web address (URL) in your browser, since that's how you'll get to the readings, since you won't be able to log into Engage without WiFi.

        PHOTO 1                                                                               PHOTO 2   

Photo 1 Photo 2


NOTE: There are some limitations while using Engage offline because it's designed only for reading course materials. You will be able to see notes and highlights you and your instructors have created. But you will not be able to create new ones while you have no WiFi.

Note: This replaces Courseload Engage for Chrome. 

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