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First, always clarify the assignment with your instructor.

The first step in assembling a case analysis is to find good, basic information on the company. This kind of information can be found in company reports or profiles. Following is a list of Berkeley databases which contain this kind of document or database entry.

  1. Business Insights: Global (Select the Case Studies Tab)
  2. Mergent Online – explore the information on the various tabs/pages.
  3. If the company is a major player in an industry, you can find information in industry reports, such as found in the IBIS World database.
  4. ProQuest Central or ProQuest ABI/INFORM Complete

Build upon the foundation. Search for articles in newspapers, trade magazines, scholarly publications and other sources. These types of articles can be found in the following Berkeley databases.

  1. Academic Search Premier 
  2. Nexis Uni
  3. ProQuest Central
  4. Ask your instructor if you may use reputable sources from the Internet.

Look at the company's website. But remember that companies may present themselves in a good light (bias). 

  1. This is also a good place to check and see who the latest executives are. Remember, when doing research, always check the dates on the material that you find. Even then, the internal workings of a company can change.
  2. If you can’t find what you are looking for you can:
  • Search the website, if a search box is provided.
  • Look for something called a “site map,” which can help you navigate the site. It is usually found at the bottom of the company’s homepage.
  •  Annual Reports (also known a Form 10K) can be helpful for financials and the name of executives at the   time  of publication. “Foreign private issuers,” as the SEC calls them, use a Form 20F. There are other variations as well.
  • Mergent Online database – Look on the “Reports” tab. You may also want to check out the “Filings” tab for more information.
  • SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) has a site called Edgar that houses various reports and filings on companies, including annual reports.


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