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As detailed in the SWOT LibGuide, there are ways to find news and information that can be use to create SWOTs for companies that are not publicly traded. Make sure that you look at all of the tabs of the LibGuide to get a good overview of the process.

*In particular, check out the tab named “SMALL/NON-PUBLIC COMPANIES.” It provides the following tips for getting appropriate information to include in SWOTs on private companies.

  • Search  for your Company/Organization's name when searching for news and journal articles.
  • Search the Industry of your company/organization to find out news, trends, threats, etc. This information might help you to compare what is going on in your industry compared to what is happening in the company you are analyzing. 
  • Search the Organization/Company’s website for any information they may have available to the public such as press releases and news. However, be sure to understand the bias of information posted on a company's website. 
  • Interview the Management of your Company/Organization.
  • Visit the Library of Congress website for recommendations on how to conduct private company research. 

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