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Paraphrasing is a way of taking information that you have found and rewording it so that it is succinct and (most importantly) in your own words. This is a very important step in writing papers and submitting assignments.

Available from the ‘Writing and Citing Libguide' is the following sample paraphrase:

* Note: this example shows the original text (as an example) with an adequate paraphrase


Example: The current constitutional debate over heavy metal rock and gangsta rap music is not just about the explicit language but also advocacy, an act of incitement to violence.

Adequate paraphrase:  Lyrics in some rap and heavy metal songs that appear to promote violence, along with concerns about obscenity, have generated a constitutional debate over popular music.


For more information on paraphrasing, please use the Purdue University OWL website (type in 'paraphrasing' in the search box there). 

Additional tutorials and guidance on paraphrasing are available on the library's 'Writing and Citing Libguide' (access via the library on Engage, use the 'Research Guides' button and search Writing and Citing).

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