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The Canvas Student app comes with a widget for quick access to grades.

The Canvas Student Grades widget displays the current grade for up to eight courses.


  • Depending on your iOS device, the steps to install a widget may vary from what is pictured below. If you have questions, please refer to your device instructions on how to install a widget.
  • The Student Grades widget will not display grades if multiple users are logged into the Student app.
  • Widgets are not available for the Canvas Teacher or Canvas Parent apps.

Open Today View:

Swipe right from the Home screen or Lock screen to open the Today View.

Edit Widgets:

Tap the Edit button.

Add Grades Widget:

Find the Canvas Student Grades widget [1]. To add the widget, tap the Add icon [2].

Edit Widget:

Once you have added your widget, it will display with other widgets that have been added to your iOS device. To remove the widget, tap the Remove icon [1]. To move the widget, tap the Move icon [2] and drag and drop the widget to a new location.

To view your widgets, tap the Done link [3].

View Widget:

View the Student Grades widget [1]. To display more courses in the widget, tap the Show More link [2].

To view course grades in the Student app, tap the name of the course [3].

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