Answered By: Matt LaBrake
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Why have we changed our Kanopy access model?

Kanopy is a streaming video service offering documentaries and feature films, operating on an annual lease model. After the lease expires, the library loses access to the film unless it renews the lease. Under Kanopy’s model, viewing a title triggers a lease, so an increase in use has equated to an unsustainable and unpredictable increase in streaming charges.

While past years demonstrates that Kanopy is very popular, the pay-when-viewed leasing model has become too costly for the Library to sustain as an unmediated service. Additionally, we find that many requested films are not viewed after acquisition, or are available in other collections to which we already subscribe. Other colleges across the country have instituted similar changes.

Requesting Kanopy Content

A mediated access model is now in place for new Kanopy leases, and the renewal of existing leases. We will still support faculty in providing access to certain titles for academic course use only.

Currently leased Kanopy videos will still be available until the expiration of the lease. Upon expiration, faculty must request renewal. If you currently use Kanopy videos in your courses, and do not know when the leases expire, reach out to for assistance. Do not assume a title will be active throughout the semester.

When you request to lease a film in Kanopy, you will be asked to fill out a form to provide details on how the film aligns with your curriculum. Each request will be evaluated considering a number of factors including the availability of similar content from other vendors, pedagogical use, and curriculum alignment.

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