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For the Statistics 1 course (MAT 2215) you may be asked to find journal articles that use statistical methods you are learning about. Here are some suggestions for the best databases to search, search terms to use, and tips on how to find appropriate articles. The Databases can be found in the A-Z list; the first two are general, but the others are specifically if you need to find studies related to your major, and you are not finding them in Academic Search Premier or ERIC.


The type of articles that will have statistical methods or charts included will be ones describing academic research, studies or experiments. The way to search for those in one of the databases is to look for a check box to limit your results to peer-reviewed or scholarly journal articles. Or once you get a list of results, you can also look on the left and check off Scholarly Journals or Peer reviewed and Full-text. That's also where you can restrict the results to more recent articles. Here are examples from 2 different types of databases:

CRIMINAL JUSTICE DATABASE (from ProQuest; also works for Healthcare Administration & ABI/Inform): 


Or when you have a results list from your search, look on the left to restrict it to Peer-reviewed:


ACADEMIC SEARCH PREMIER (from EBSCOhost; also works for ERIC, LibSearch & CINAHL):


Or when you have a results list from your search, look on the left to restrict it to Scholarly (Peer-reviewed) Journals:

Search Terms:

Also, don't use too many statistical terms at once. You might use a major statistical model, such as "regression analysis" and a word from your major, such as crime, or healthcare or management, like this: "regression analysis" AND crime (putting phrases in quotes will keep the words together).  

Prof. Rotundo gave an example of searching Google Scholarusing combinations of keywords to find articles related to a Healthcare major, and he found a lot of recent articles that he thought might be useful, so you don't need to be too specific. Here are his search results, using health management regression analysis as his search terms, to give you an idea:,33 *

Once you do a search in one of our Berkeley databases, scroll through your results, looking at the titles and previews to see if they seem to discuss any of your subtopics. If the article has to have a certain type of statistical display, you can search for that: (scatterplot or "scatter plot") AND "hospital costs". Most scholarly articles about research will have a Methods or Statistical Methods section saying how they analyzed their data, and a Results section with tables, graphs, scatter plots, etc. displaying their data trends. Some images will only display in the PDF version of the article, so click on that if you do not see the graphs and tables.

*Although Professor Rotundo likes Google Scholar, we can't guarantee that you'll be able to get the full-text of many of the articles there, since it is not a Berkeley database. If you want more information about Google Scholar, look at this Google Scholar FAQ.

For information on finding statistics themselves, rather than looking for the statistical methods or tools, try this Finding Statistics Library Research Guide.

We also have a set of short statistics videos that explain concepts with real-world research examples, which might help you recognize appropriate articles or better understand your assignments: 

Against all Odds: Inside Statistics (video series):

Here's the first one, an overview: 
Photo linking to video 

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