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For Legal Studies majors, your professor may tell you that all cases, laws and articles should be cited according to The Bluebookbut for other courses like Business Law, Criminal LawEthics or Writing, you will be using APA or MLA format. 

If you look up a case in one of our legal databases, Nexis Uni will create an APA or MLA cite for you. But Westlaw will only give you a reference in the ALWD/Bluebook legal citation style (if you need that, see this FAQ: How do I cite from the Westlaw database?)

In Nexis Uni, you can easily get an APA, MLA or Bluebook cite by clicking on the Export Citation button, and picking the proper format:
screenshot of Nexis Uni Cite Button

But be aware it might need some editing. Remember that APA citations with an author start with Last Name, First Initial - like Smith, J.

For citations you can't get preformatted, use the guidance given for the formatting style your professor wants you to use:

Here's a law review journal article found in Westlaw.

The items needed to create a citation are pointed out on the page by the notes in the red text boxes:

Sample citations for this article:

  • Bluebook:
    Catherine Martin Christopher, Nevertheless She Persisted: Comparing Roe V. Wade's Two Oral Arguments, 49 Seton Hall L. Rev. 307 (2019).
  • MLA:
    Christopher, Catherine Martin. “Nevertheless She Persisted: Comparing Roe V. Wade's Two Oral Arguments.” Seton Hall Law Review, vol. 49, 2019, pp. 307-352. Westlaw, Document/Ic6f84c911f7b11e9a5b3e3d9e23d7429/ 
    [Note: this is a shortened URL. It follows MLA rules for shortening database URLs, since the full URL is over 4 lines long, and it won't work unless you are already logged into Westlaw]
  • APA:
    Christopher, C.M. (2019). Nevertheless she persisted: Comparing Roe v. Wade's two oral arguments. Seton Hall Law Review, 49, 307-352. Retrieved from 
    [Note: this URL is for the website of Seton Hall Law Review journal. It was found online to follow APA guidelines for when the article is found in a database, and the URL won't work if your readers don't have access to the database. It's also much shorter than the Westlaw link]

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