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You can create a personal EBSCOhost account on LibSearch. Sign in to save your search results, save permanent links to searches, save search alerts, save journal alerts, and web pages to your LibSearch folder. 

Saving Items to Your LibSearch Folder

  1. Sign in to your LibSearch account by clicking Sign In in the upper right corner.

  2. Search for the information that you want to save in your folder. You can save all types of search results to your folder. (For example, articles, links to searches, images, etc.)

  3. Add the items to your folder in any of the following ways:

    • Add one item – Click the folder icon located to the right of the article title. This adds only the single selected item to your folder. If you have custom folders in your account, select a folder to add the article to.

    • Add all the items on the page – Click the Share link and then click Results (1–10) link at the top of the menu. This adds all items listed on the page to your folder.

      When the article result is added to the folder, the folder icon will change to a folder item icon. Clicking this icon will remove the result from your folder.

    • From the Detailed Record, you can add one item. Click the Add to Folder link at the top of the tools menu. This adds only this single item to your folder.

Saving Articles to a Specific Folder

If you have custom folders created within your EBSCOhost folder, you can specify which folder you would like your articles saved in, when you click the Folder icon.

This is useful if you are working on several  projects at once, or if you would like to create a folder for each class you are doing research for.


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