Answered By: Vicki Sciuk
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Have your professors asked you to find credible, reliable information resources for a paper or project? The next time you are looking at a webpage or an article from a database and wondering if the information is accurate and credible, use the C.R.A.P. test to decide.

  • Current - When was it written or updated last?  
  • Reliable - Where did the info come from, is there evidence to back it up? Or just anecdotes?
  • Authority - Who wrote it? Are they experts or authorities about this topic?
  • Purpose Why was it created? What's the purpose? Does it seem biased, one-sided, sensational? Is it an editorial or opinion piece, trying to persuade, or to sell something? Or fact-based, objective, trying to inform?

For more detailed information on deciding if a source is credible, see the links and videos below.


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