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The WGSN database includes sketches, CADS and flats that you can browse or search directly from the database. This FAQ will review how to use the filtering options to find materials.  There is a separate FAQ on how to access the Design Library in WGSN. 

WGSN now requires users to create an account before downloading content. You can access the steps to create an account in this FAQ

Searching the Design Resources Library: 

  • From the Design Resources page, you will see a variety of search and filtering options on the top and left of the page:

  • The search box at the top of the page will default to include "WGSN Original CADS/Flats" and "WGSN Original Bushres/Fills".  If you can remove those filters, your search will include photographs as well. 

  • To start a search, type your keyword into the search box.  For example, we could search for "skirt" and then use the filtering options to narrow down to a specific style. 

  • Once you enter a search term, use the filtering options on the left side to narrow down to a more specific style. For example, we could narrow down by market (women) and season (Autumn 2018 & 2019) by selecting the drop downs below and checking the boxes next to those options. 

       --->        ‚Äč           


  • You can modify your search results in the following ways:
    • Remove filters by checking the pink box next to the filter or the X next to the filter in the search box at the top of the page. 
    • If you'd like to include images, check off the "WGSN Original CADS/Flats" or "WGSN Original Brushes/Fills" boxes.  This will include catwalk and street images in your results. 
    • NOTE: The available filters will change as you make narrowing selections. For example, if you search for Skirts and narrow down to a Spring season, the options for Materials will be different than those for Fall seasons based on what styles and images are available.