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You can find healthcare industry statistics in the library databases, on government websites as well as some organizational websites. 

  1. For statistics on different healthcare industries, you can use the IBISWorld database which focuses on industry information. Search for the name of the industry such as "Primary Care Doctors" or "Ambulatory Services" for a report. 


  1. You can search the Library's healthcare databases for statistical information by trying combinations of keywords that include the healthcare industry/issue plus statistics such as:

Brazil + obesity + statistics

           Tips for searching in the databases:

  • Try more than one search with different keywords to see what you come up with. Use the "Add Row" feature if needed. Different experts or organizations may use different terminology to describe similar things. The databases may suggest other terms to try.
  • Make sure that you check the date of the material that you find. If your information must apply to a specific time period, use the date limiter in the database during the search process.
  • Try changing the drop-down menu to “Abstract” instead of keyword next to your search terms.
  • You may also wish to limit the document type to "Statistics/Reports" in the left side filters section.
  • Use the abstract (summary) of the article to help determine if it has the kind of information you are looking for before reading the entire article.
  • Good multi-purpose databases to try these search in are:‚Äč

  • Search terms that may bring up the kind of information you are looking for are:
    • Demographics
    • Incidence
    • Prevalence
    • Rate
    • Statistics
    • Study
  1. Healthcare statistics from government sources can be found through the U.S.Census Bureau, the United Nations and which gather information for statistical purposes. These sites have sections dedicated to Health statistics which can be accessed from their main pages. 
  2. You can also try some of our Berkeley databases that house statistical information, such as Opposing Viewpoints or Country Watch.

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