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Gartner is an online resource containing research and real-life examples of technology used in business. It is available to Berkeley College students and faculty through Blackboard.

To access Gartner:

  1. Log into Blackboard by going to 
  2. Click on the Gartner course in your “My Courses” area

  3. Click on the word "Access" to access Gartner 

  4. Gartner site:

Benefits of Gartner to Faculty and Staff

  • Plan courses that are relevant and innovative for business and IT
  • Access data and information to substantiate the evidence in research
  • Use a common business language
  • Offer materials that can complement lectures and seminars


Benefits of Gartner to Students

  • Gain exposure to real-life business case studies, trends, and expert opinions
  • Enhance practical understanding of how organizations have re-engineered their processes to increase revenues, reduce costs and increase market share
  • Understand and keep up to date on technologies and tools available
  • Obtain validation and research for dissertations
  • Discover how organizations improve operational  effectiveness
  • Easily find and download documents that enhance insight and understanding of subjects and courses

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