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Cookies are small pieces of information stored on a user's computer by a web browser at the request of a web site. Websites use cookies to recognize users who have previously visited them, so the next time the user accesses that site, the website can remember your preferences, what's in your shopping cart, and recent search results. 

But sometimes you may need to delete cookies or your cache of saved webpages to solve a problem with your computer or a website. Generally you need to find Tools or Settings in your web browser to clear cookies. The steps are different depending on the browser, so there are instructions for a few below: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari.

(version 11)

  • Start by clicking on the Tools icon (small gear) in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Then click on Internet Options. Towards the bottom of the General tab you will see Browsing history.
  • Click on Delete... to go the next box, where you can check off what to delete.
  • Check Cookies and website data and any other items you want cleared, then click on the Delete button.


GOOGLE CHROME (version 62.0)

  • Click on the 3 vertical dots in the upper right of the screen and choose More Tools from the drop-down box
  • Then click on Clear browsing data.
  • Once there make sure Cookies and other site data (and anything else you want to delete) is checked
  • Then click on the blue Clear browsing data button. The default is to Clear the following items for the past hour, but usually you will need to do it much further back.

MICROSOFT EDGE (Windows 10) 

  • Start by clicking on the Hub icon (star/horizontal lines) on the top of the screen
  • Then click the Clear all history link on the right.
  • A box will open where you should check Cookies and saved website data (and Cached data or anything else you want to delete)
  • Then click on the Clear button.


SAFARI (version iOS 11)

  • On an iPad or iPhone, you can make many changes to Safari from the Settings app on the home page.  
  • Tap Settings, scroll down to Safari and then choose Clear History and Website Data.
  • This deletes both cookies and your browsing history. 
  • For a MacBook or iMac choose History from the tool bar across the top of Safari, then Clear History and Website Data.
  • Choose how far back from the Clear menu, then Clear History.

If you completed the steps for your respective browser and you are still having an issue, you may need to exit your browser and re-open it for the changes to take effect. 

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