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Information on ethics can be found in the following databases:  


For introductory/encyclopedia articles and pros & cons discussions:  


For scholarly and non-scholarly articles:  


For e-books & print books:  

You can find introductory information on many ethical issues and other controversial topics using the Opposing Viewpoints database.  For example, a search for "assisted suicide" will provide an overview of the topic and links to various viewpoints, scholarly articles from academic journals, statistics, newspaper articles, and external websites.   

A search using just the term "ethics" will retrieve a large number of results.  Once you pick a topic for your research paper, you should use that to search for articles. To narrow down the search results, try a more specific search term or multiple search terms.   Some examples could include:

  • "assisted suicide"
  • ethics AND "assisted suicide"
  • ethics AND euthanasia
  • ethics AND "doctor-assisted suicide"
  • ‚Äč"physician-assisted suicide" 

 To find information on specific cases involving ethics, try different keywords and keywords combinations such as ethics AND "case study"; "assisted suicide" AND "case study"; "euthanasia" AND "case study"; ethics AND "doctor-assisted suicide" AND "case study". Or search for the name of a specific case you heard about or read about in class. 


For how to find the library's databases, please see the video below. 


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