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You can use library databases to find articles on marketing plans, specifically the ABI/Inform database. First access the library page on Blackboard (see below) and use the 'Research/Explore' link to open up the menu (which will provide the library databases page as an option):


Choose Databases (where the blue arrow points) to access the A-Z list of databases (note: please scroll down the page beyond subjects or topics at top to locate the A-Z list of databases).  Once you have accessed the A-Z list of databases page, look for and open the ABI/Inform database link.

The next step will be to generate keywords. You can start with 'Marketing plans' as search terms, so enter these into the ABI/Inform search box. Note: remember to check on the small 'Full-Text' box before hitting the 'search' button.

To get a more focused list of articles, you can use other search terms for combination search, such as "marketing plans and (use the name of specific company),"  or "marketing plans for start ups."  

Each time you enter the search terms, the ABI/Inform generates a results list of articles. It is important to utilize the 'Narrow Results' search option of the ABI/Inform database (contained at the left of the page in any results list of articles). You can narrow results by publication date (for articles published within the last year), source type (scholarly journal, newspaper, or business magazine), or document type (article, case study, industry report, conference report, interview, book chapter, etc.).  There's also a search option to arrange articles by subject. Using one or more of these search options provides more focused and shorter results lists of articles. Use the image below as a guide for using the Narrow Results options (see image below):


Once you've chosen an article to include in your paper, ABI/Inform has a 'cite' feature that will enable you to create a citation for the article in APA or MLA format (depending on what was designated by the instructor). You'll see the 'cite' feature in the box at the top right (see image below).







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