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Information on ethics can be found in the following databases:  


For introductory/encyclopedia articles and pros & cons discussions:  


For scholarly and non-scholarly articles:  


For e-books:  


A search using just the term "ethics" will retrieve a large number of results.  To narrow down the search results, try a more specific search term or multiple search terms.  Some examples could include:

  • "assisted suicide"
  • ethics AND "assisted suicide"
  • ethics AND euthanasia
  • ethics AND "doctor-assisted suicide"


To find information on specific cases involving ethics, try different keywords and keywords combinations such as ethics AND "case study"; "assisted suicide" AND "case study"; "euthanasia" AND "case study"; ethics AND "doctor-assisted suicide" AND "case study". 


You can find introductory information on many ethical issues and other controversial topics using the Opposing Viewpoints database.  For example, a search for "assisted suicide" will provide an overview of the topic and links to various viewpoints, scholarly articles from academic journals, statistics, newspaper articles, and external websites.   

For more information on how to find the library's databases, please see the video below. 


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