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Students in Fall 2016, the Project Based Internship class (BUS 2995 & BUS 4495) will complete research on the feasibility of establishing a museum.

WindowsWear is a company that maintains and exhibits an extensive photographic collection of current and past window displays. There is an opportunity to preserve and showcase the actual displays either in a physical or digital format to potentially create a museum.

Therefore, research must be completed on the MUSEUM industry. 


Still unclear about why you are researching the Museum Industry?

WindowsWear currently maintains a digital database of images or photographs of window displays. The company is looking at the possibility of taking the actual physical displays and creating an exhibit or museum space that people could go to and view the displays.

For example, have you ever been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art? They occasionally have fashion exhibits that you can go visit. WindowsWear is considering the feasibility of doing the same thing.

So your overall assignment is to see if WindowsWear can accomplish the same type of thing. You are researching the Museum Industry (looking at competition, possible economics, etc.) to see if WindowsWear should take the leap and create this museum space.


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